2015 Honorary Co-Chairs

Joyce Ackman

2015 Heart & Sole Co-Chair Joyce Ackman

Joyce Ackman, of Mitchell, has had quite a journey with Cancer. She is a two time Breast Cancer survivor, as well as Ovarian Cancer Survivor. She was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer 26 years ago, and then again 9 years later.

In October of 2012, she was once again faced with another cancer diagnosis. This time it was Ovarian Cancer. She had surgery and then chemotherapy.  Joyce was part of a clinical trial with weekly infusions until the cancer returned 9 months later. She again went thru weekly chemo until July of 2014. Joyce is currently in remission! She remains on a targeted chemo drug at this time. She is thankful for the support she received from family, friends, and her Doctors and Nurses.

Darlene Hohn

2015 Heart & Sole Co-Chair Darlene Hohn

Darlene was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 1993. As you can imagine, hearing the "C" word was devastating news to the whole family. At the time she was diagnosed, she was the Mother of 11 children, with 2 of them still at home. Her children will never forget hearing the news that day and the thought of losing their Mother was just something they didn't want to think about. Moms are invincible, right? Well, they think their Mom, Darlene is!

Darlene has been a Cancer Survivor for 21 years and has received a clean bill of health. Darlene and her family are forever grateful to her doctors for the care she received after her surgery and during chemo treatments. Besides her children and her Husband, she had a wonderful support system from neighbors and other family members, especially her sister, Joyce, who is a breast cancer survivor.

"I'm grateful that the Lord gave me these past years. I'm living proof that only God knows the number of "all the days ordained for me" (Psalm 139:16). She thanks God for each day He gives her. Darlene recently celebrated her 80th Birthday. 

Terry Sabers

2015 Heart & Sole Co-Chair Terry Sabers

I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in March of 2014.  It was detected with a PSA blood test that was elevated to an 8.  In one year it had risen from a 3 to an 8 which alerted Dr Margallo to have a biopsy done.  And of course the biopsy detected 2 forms of cancer fairly significant.  After many hours of research of the different options I agreed to do the robotic surgery to remove the prostate.  The surgery confirmed that even though the cancer was unusually aggressive, it had not spread beyond the organ - extremely good news.  No follow up treatment was necessary then or since then.  My follow up PSA tests have not detected anything - more great news.

I firmly believe that the early detection saved many months of treatment and maybe even my life.  Even 1 more year may have been devastating considering the type I had. The success with early detection of prostate cancer is outstanding.  It is very important that all men over age 50 have an annual PSA blood test.  It is very easy and very low cost.  If there is any history in your family it should begin at 40.

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